My passion for workworking started at a young age with influence from my grandfather. I remember the smell of walnut, maple, and oak. I got into instrument building through the internet and later on through the Guild of American Luthiers. I am truly honored to call some really talented artists friends and mentors. My goal is to bring great sounding and looking materials together to create really amazing sounding and easy playing instruments. I do not get caught up in decoration without function. I focus on natural materials and colors and try to source sustainable and repurposed woods. That means I use a lot of local materials, and I return my chips and dust waste to compost at the end of the cycle.

Shellac is my finish of choice. It is one of the oldest forms of wood finish. I lightly finish most instruments, allowing their natural beauty to shine and giving the player the best sounding instrument possible. I never use stains to color any materials. All my instruments are their natural color with the exception of some dyed marquetry woods.

My tools are straightforward. I use mostly hand planes, chisels, and scrapers. There is a steep learning curve to keeping hand tools sharp and to keeping your work square. Once you get it, the shop becomes a more peaceful and quiet space. Hand working wood connects you to an ancient past where our ancestors used nearly identical tools to create masterpieces we still treasure today.

I build from billet materials and rarely purchase finished instrument sets. This gives me the ability to bring out the best in a material and tell the story of the materials before they became an instrument. Wine barrels, old piano woods, ancient bridges, reclaimed construction woods, estates of other luthiers, and wood that didn’t fit the big box store are common materials in my selection. I work with some small family owned businesses who focus on reclaimed old growth redwoods, sinker logs, and real mahogany. I build a few dozen instruments a year in my small shop in Sherwood, Oregon. Reach out for more information. I would love to build your dream instrument.