Handmade in Sherwood, OR USA


Handmade means I build my guitars from scratch, selecting the wood combinations from local, regional, and imported woods and materials. I use a limited amount of machines in my process and love to work the wood with chisels and scrapers. I use very little patterns in my process, and measure and form based on my experience and what sounds good on each instrument. My tops and sides are glued up the traditional Spanish way with wedges and twine. My mortise and tenons are all cut by hand. My necks are 100% handmade, no jigs or machines are used to shape in any process. My finishes are also hand rubbed. If a great looking and sounding one of a kind instrument is what you seek, that is all I build. Check back often on my instagram to see what I am building.

Maple and Brown Sugar

Half Scale 6 string guitar. Sitka Spruce top, Oregon maple back and sides and Oregon curly walnut bindings. Silk and steel strings for a light playing, fingerstyle guitar. Great travel guitar, and surprisingly loud voice. The hand rubbed finish allows the full body sound to be heard.

Maple and Brown Sugar too

End wedge on the half scale guitar.


Mortise and tenons are cut by hand.

Sinker Cedar Top

This was a set of sinker Cedar from C. Jacob Woods in Tillamook, OR. Cyril has these gems tucked away in his warehouse and sometimes he shares them. This was a really fun build and it went to a good home in North Carolina, USA.

The Extras

I take my customers on a journey and show them each major step of the build through photos and videos. I only post the builds after I have completed each guitar for its owner. These are key fobs I make from cutoffs from the guitars I build. Its my way of allowing you to take a piece of the