Handmade in Sherwood, OR USA

Handmade Guitars

The woods speak to me and tell me their secrets. They share their spirts with me and in turn I translate them into functional works of art. I pay attention and listen to what the woods want to show me.

The sounding process is what makes the guitar sing and brings out its unique voice. It is an all encompassing process of removing wood, shaping braces, tapping, feeling, listening, always learning more about combinations of materials and how to get the best sounds. This is a slow process, never perfect, you feel it when you achieve the best sound possible in the build. It is an exciting moment every time you hear the voice of the instrument the very first time.

My instruments are comfortable in the hands, like they were meant to be held forever and played. I have no molds nor jigs for my neck shapes. I ask the player what their idea of an ideal neck shape should be, then I create it. The Saipan Knuckle is always a key part of every neck I build. More on that later.

My materials are selected from local, domestic, and import woods. The library of woods I work with includes burls, insect holes, knots, and crazy natural visual effects I find pleasing. The soundboards and braces are Alaskan Sitka Spruce for the most part. Some of my favorite woods are Walnut, Myrtle, Sapelle, Mahogany, Maple, Katalox (smells like burnt cookies), Padauk, and Ebony. My focus is on Pacific Northwest local woods wherever possible. Myrtle wood is becoming one of my favorites. If you like what I do, please show your support and check back for updates and new builds. The latest information is on my instagram at


Upcoming Builds

Here you can see details of upcoming builds. For 2021 I will only be building half scale guitars. I have already sold the first 4 of the year. The next 5 are being selected and will consist of Tillamook Myrtle, Oregon Walnut, and Oregon Maples. I am also switching to water-based finishes to avoid spraying high VOC lacquers. I also do French Polish, but only for those with experience handling the delicate finish. Contact me with inquiries.


Guitar inspired cutting boards and fingerboard key fobs. These are produced from leftover guitar builds and end pieces from actual guitars. Each piece is a unique work of art. The key fobs are made in the same steps as the custom guitar construction.